RV Mixed


**Mix of musical memories to start the year 2012 with good rhythms. the creation of this mix was inspired by my time in Barcelona at the end of 2011 and by wonderful musicians, DJ´s, friends and a special love I had found in this period. Barcelona is in my heart. Rumba, Cumbia, tropical, worldmusic, salsamuffin…..MEMORIES MIX by Miss I Dread 2012 by Miss I Dread on Mixcloud

**Special mix for celebration of Orthodox New year 13.01.2012. World music mix by Miss I Dread  13.01.2012 by Miss I Dread on Mixcloud


**MISS I DREAD VIBRATION @radiotimbo.com and nofm.rs (Serbia): in this mix enjoy salsa de Venezuela y más…. From Caracas to dreams…. by Miss I Dread on Mixcloud




Set on soundcloud

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