Hornsman Coyote & Balkan music box – video premijera

Hornsman Coyote & Balkan Music Box Riddim objavili su prvi zajednički video snimak za pesmu REVOLUTION. Video je snimljen početkom decembra prošle godinena koncertu 100% LIVE u Domu Omladine Beograda.  

BMB bend čine Vladimir Lešić – perkusije, Dejan Utvar – bubnjevi, Damjan Ćirilović – bas, Slobodan Jovanović – gitara; Ivan Jevtić – klavijature; Mladen Lukić – trombon; Đurđica Vali Gajić – prateći vokal)

Pogledajte video:

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THE ONLY RASTA BLOG IN SERBIA! This page is a place of RASTAMAN VIBRATION RADIO&PRODUCTION, which is joining radio, music, filming and blogging about reggae culture worldwide and keeps consciousness on a high level. Since 2001 reggae program entitled "RASTAMAN VIBRATION" exists on various radio stations, with Miss I Dread as reggae promoter, DJ, amateur documentarist and blogger. During 12 years on the reggae scene, promoting reggae in media, writing and playing music, she also residented clubs in Belgrade. Here you can read her articles published in World Music magazine Etnoumlje. Has been a promoter of various Serbian festivals (Echo, Exit), or DJ on Trenchtown, Neofest, Reggae Serbia). During 2011, 2012 and 2013 she promoted and joined the jury of Reggae Contest and Rototom festival and been a host of Radio Rototom program on festival in Spain. Recently started a reggae show on UK's leading station RootsLabIntl.com along with Hornsman Coyote.

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